“Chore Wheel” / “Cain Flees” / “We Must Be Coming Down”:   Blackbird  

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“The Fix”:   Denver Quarterly 

“Refusal Studies”: OmniVerse  

“Woman Seated with Thighs Apart” /  “Canis Vulgaris” /  “Saddle Shoes”:  Poor Claudia  (First Floor)

“Object Relations” / “Under the Water, Carry the Water” / “Memoir” / “State of a Fair” / “The Hitch”:  Prelude

“Up”:  Inter|rupture  

“Genealogy”:   Third Coast

“Genesis Transmission“:   for Satellite Collective

“Lake Havasu”:   Hazlitt   

“Instructions”:   The Rumpus

“Winemaking” / “A Mind Like That”:   Southern Humanities Review

3 poems by Hanni Ossott:   Atlantean Poets  (translations)

“Envy” / “The Powers That Be”:   The Portland Review 

“Resurrections I & II”:   Plazm Magazine

“Monday Night at the Pagoda”   Dunes Review 

Revelations”:   Coldfront